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LED ( light-emitting diodes)

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What is a non-surgical facelift with an LED machine?

The LED ( light-emitting diodes )Non-Surgical Facelift is a professional procedure provided by a trained and licensed skin care professional. You will see an astonishing difference as your skin becomes more healthy, radiant, smoother and firmer. Let us explain how this exciting procedure works.


LED sends a low level pulsating current that mimics the natural current in the body/skin to tone, sculpt and shape facial muscles for a non-surgical facelift and has been scientifically proven to increase:


• Penetration of active ingredients
• Blood Circulation
• Collagen/Elastin
• ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
• Lymphatic Drainage


Coherent LED light at frequencies between 470 nano meters and 640 nano meters has been proven scientifically:


• Red Light; reduces lines & wrinkles @ 640 nm!
• Yellow Light; reduces scars, lymphatic cleansing and wound healing @ 590 nm!
• Green Light; treats hyper-pigmentation @ 525 nm!
• Blue Light; treats acne, rosacea, abnormalities + teeth whitening @ 470 nm!

LED light treatment works together synergistically to achieve a new level of results! It re-educates the underlying muscle to lift, tone and sculpt the face while stimulating collagen, elastin and ATP for non-surgical face-lifts.


LED Light stimulates collagen and elastin and activates enzymes, such as catalase, diminishes unnecessary color amines in tissues, speeds up compounding glycogen, protein, and fibrin and increases tissue’s metabolism, relaxes skin and ligaments. It soften thrombus, diminishes bloat ness, discolorations, removes fattiness, reduces lines and wrinkles, eliminate pouch and black eye orbit, whitens, brightens and protects the skin and so much more.


About Face Winona


*At About Face, we are pleased to offer customized skin care for the client. If you do not see a particular service listed on this menu, please ask your aesthetician as it may be provided for you.

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