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How Does the Illumination LaseRay System Work?
Scientifically speaking laser light is a highly concentrated and powerful beam of light. It is capable of carrying the “harmonics" or vibration frequencies of any liquid through which it passes. Different light frequencies carry varying amounts of vibrations and harmonic energies.

The laser light acts as a “light hypodermic” to carry the vibration frequencies of the liquids through which it passes. It can impart those vibration frequencies into any area of the body resulting in immediate and often long-term treatment results.

The Illumination Laser combines the best of Western medical laser technology with the purest natural botanicals, herbs, and amino acids to produce a bio-treatment system that represents the best combination of modern and ancient practices. Laser light acts as a carrier wave delivery system to transport the harmonic signatures of these 100% natural botanicals and amino acids. In a high percentage of cases the effect is nearly instantaneous and unquestionable in results.

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What Can It Do?
LaseRay utilizes Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, White, Blue & Violet lasers combined with Multi-Lens Relief System Liquid-filled Lenses to mitigate/eliminate pain from multiple causes including inflammation, swelling, infection, insect bites & stings, poisonous plant reactions, all forms of arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, headaches & migraine headaches, burns, sinus congestion/pain, sports injuries, and all types of acute conditions.

Before and after pictures

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About Face Winona

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What will I feel? Does it hurt?
No, there is no discernable feeling to the treatment. Some people have expressed feeling a slight tingle from the serum applied before the treatment.

2.How many treatments do I need?
In order to receive the maximum benefit, you will need 8 treatments over a 30 day period.

3. How long does a treatment take?
One treatment takes less than 5 minutes.

4.Will I experience any redness or skin coloration?

5.For what conditions can the illumination Laser be used?
The light laser can be used for acne, rosacea, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, wrinkles, inflammations and redness, and some scarring.

6.Do I remove my make-up?
For the best results make-up should not be worn, but can be applied immediately after treatment.

7.What should I do in between my treatments?
Continue with your at home care as advised by your Aesthetician or Dermatologist.

***We recommend our Deep Cleansing Facial prior to beginning treatment***


About Face Winona


*At About Face, we are pleased to offer customized skin care for the client. If you do not see a particular service listed on this menu, please ask your aesthetician as it may be provided for you.

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